Where to Buy Rattlensake Meat

Because we get a lot of requests here at Rattlesnake Recipes, for information on where to buy rattlesnake meat, we’ve put together this handy directory for if and when you want to find rattlesnake meat for sale.


Exotic Meats USA was recently purchased by Sierra Meat, and the new headquarters moved to their Reno, Nevada location. They sell specialty meats to restaurants, meat retailers, and consumers according to their web site.


Their rattlesnake meat product is described as:

Rattlesnake (Whole) Skinned and Semi-Boneless, Avg. 2 or 3 lb. Packages

Call for Current Pricing (apparently you cannot order the rattlesnake meat online directly):
(775) 322-4073 • (800) 444-5687 • (800) 680-4375

Or you can email:

PS Exotic Meats mentions on their rattlesnake page, they cannot sell rattlesnake to California! (Apparently Arnold is afraid of snakes! I wonder if he sleeps with a nightlite…)


Maverick Trading Post in Farmers Branch, Texas buys rattlesnakes and sells rattler crafts, and offers meat, primarily for the restaurant trade.


(Web site was down, the last time I tried to get on this one! Not sure what is going on with this business. Even the Google links are dead as I write this.)

Maverick Trading Post
2541 Valley View Lane
Farmers Branch, Texas 75234

Hours 9am – 5pm M-F

Fax: (972) 484-1176



We got this email a while back, although later efforts to contact Ivan did not get a response. But feel free to try!

“I live in NM, and catch a large number of rattlers, and would like to sell some.”

Ivan Johnson



I guess you can buy rattlesnake meat online in 7.5 ounce CANS! If you want to get some of that canned rattler protein, check out Rustler’s Rooste General Store, based in Phoenix, Arizona… I guess they offer a restaurant there too!


Whoops, I guess you need to call, no shopping cart for buying your canned rattlesnake meat online.

(602) 431.6474


Now, for the REALLY adventurous… we got this contact a while back from a Vietnam company that wants to export “water” snakes to the United States. I guess if you cannot get rattlesnake, this is a good way to find a reliable supply of snake meat! And of course, you don’t have to tell your restaurant customers any different, eh?

According to Mr. Nhan, of Than Chau Viet Ltd. Co., the scientific name of the “Bocourt Water Snake” is “Enhydric Bocourti”. (Just in case you needed to know that.) He says that water snake is GREAT for the following entrées:

  • “Snake eat with rice sheet” (I think I slept in a rice sheet once… I guess this is for breakfast in bed?)
  • “Shredded snake” (Having a hard time wrapping my head around this one! Can’t see myself with a cheese shredder and a snake tail whipping me in the face…)
  • “Stir-fried snake” (I am afraid to ask…alive or dead?)
  • “Fried snake fry with egg” (I am sooooo glad the snake at the snake fry, is fried!!)
  • “Snake stew with citronella” (I guess your breath will keep the ‘skeeters away!)
  • “Snake gruel with green peas” (My tummy is starting to turn…)
  • “Snake bone fry” (Hmmm… not sure what they do with the meat!)

In addition, water snake — again, according to Mr. Nhan — is apparently a dietary supplement, fighting “against aches and pains, treat rheumatism and strengthen health”. Good stuff, apparently, snake meat.

Brings back memories of Robin Williams trying some Vietnamese dishes in the classic movie, “Good Morning, Vietnam!” A funny movie if you have the time.

Anyway, here is the contact information if you want to write, call, or email! Lemme know how that goes… I promise to be LATE for supper!


ADDRESS: 463B/51F/8 CMT8 STREET, 13 WARD, 10

MR. NHAN     Tel     :  +84908167836

Email:  nhansbk@yahoo.com


PS If YOU are an occasional, or regular, supplier of rattlesnake meat, we will happily add you to this page on the Rattlesnake Recipes web site! Hit the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.